Collection: Portafortuna Compass Collection by Dolcevia®

The Portafortuna Compass Collection by Dolcevia® features exclusively designed clothing and accessories, unified under a distinctive name that resonates with cultural depth and symbolic meaning. The term "Portafortuna" is rooted in Italian culture, signifying a charm or amulet that brings good luck. This collection ingeniously merges the concept of Portafortuna with a compass, symbolizing guidance and direction, to imbue the wearer or user with fortune during their journeys.

A key element in this collection is the incorporation of the "cornicello" (also known as cornetto, corno, or corno portafortuna), an iconic Italian amulet traditionally worn to ward off the evil eye (malocchio) and general misfortune. Beyond its protective qualities, the cornicello has historical associations with fertility and virility. In the Neapolitan dialect, it's referred to as "curniciello" or similar variants. This amulet, sometimes called the Italian horn, is a quintessential symbol in Italian folklore, representing strength, protection, and luck.

The Portafortuna Compass Collection by Dolcevia® is not just a line of products but a blend of cultural heritage, artistic design, and symbolic storytelling, offering wearers a touch of Italian tradition and a dash of good fortune on their life's travels.